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Hello and welcome to 2016 Blogs

Hello all,

I thought I would add a blog feature to our website. It will help to keep all our past and future clients up to date and hopefully give the site a little more of a "live' feel to it.

So, what have we been up to?

Well, wedding season has started. We are in full flow. We have our busiest summer yet, with weddings for the next 21 weeks or so. It's going to be busy, but we know it's always fun!

We're now a 6-piece band, for those of you that don't know. Leah joined us at the end of the summer last year and has been an excellent addition to the band. Her voice has added even more flexibility to the band and we now have a lovely layered texture to the vocals, with 3 vocalists (yes Matt - I referred to you as a vocalist) able to adapt harmonies to many of our songs. Adding Leah has also massively increased our repertoire, we've had a lot of rehearsals in the off-season - to add a lot of songs for Leah to sing.

Equipment - we've also upgraded more of our equipment. Our Rhythm section has had a refresh - Phil has a new Bass Amp and we have added Bass Bins to our PA - this gives us even more ability to mix our drum sound. We have the power to control Adam!

Anyway, we're playing in the The Vale Usk, in Newport this evening. A private wedding function. This is a new venture for me, I'm feeling my way. Hopefully I'll make this a regular and more humorous thing!

Kind Regards,


Below is a snap from last weekend (13th of May) - where we played the fabulous New Country House Inn in Thornhill, Cardiff. Photo courtesy of UltraBooth Photobooths Cardiff.

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