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Are you looking for bespoke catering for you wedding in Cardiff?


Spiros have been supplying great food to weddings for the last 25 years. Based locally in St. Peter’s Street in Cardiff they have created one of the most established businesses in the industry. What is particularly interesting about Spiros is the fact they allow for potential clients to sample their food delights at consultation taster sessions in advance to your big day. Planning the food for a wedding can be a stressful process, however, the professional staff at Spiros can take all that stress away from you. 

Is it possible for Spiros to

only supply an evening buffet?

Yes. Spiros are very flexible caterers who can supply the most fantastic of evening buffets.

If you click here you can see all the various options that you can choose from. Another positive thing about Spiros is that they are will to supply food to outside Cardiff.


Not all caterers have the facility to travel, so it’s great to see a company who is willing to provide for the remote rural wedding venues.

I've just got home after my daughter's wedding today. Spiro's catered for our lunch and evening buffet.
I would have really liked to personally thank all the Spiro's staff but you had already left.
Can I please mention that absolutely everything was perfect. The staff were discreet and polite. The food was amazing, lots of the guests commented how delicious everything was.
I am so very impressed with everything, and am more than willing to highly recommend your services.


- Sue Google

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