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Are you interested in booking wedding food in the South Wales area? 

Food fashions are constantly changing. Couples are looking for something modern, different and quirky for their weddings, and South Wales has a varied range of caterers who will be more than happy to take your booking. Some hotels have an on site kitchen where they will be able to cook the traditional three course wedding meal. However, more often now, couples are interested in drafting in external caterers who will be able to cook high standard, gourmet options. If you are considering food options for your wedding in South Wales, it is really worth visiting a street food festival in Cardiff. There you will be able to see and taste a range of foodstuffs that have been influenced from a variety of countries and cultures. For example, Meat and Greek is a wonderful company that can prepare delicious fresh Greek food on skewers. They are a mobile company that can set up in various wedding locations. Another company is Ffwrnes Pizza Artisan. They specialize in the Neapolitan style of pizza. All they need is a place to park and they can open their hatches and would be suitable for most sized weddings.

We are living in an era of “simply is best”. Sometimes couples can over think things and can end up with complicated and expensive arrangements. The more savvy couples will look into simpler options like booking the great food company “The Drunken Sailor”. They are a professional company that can supply nibbles such as hotdogs and waffles. They don’t take themselves too seriously, but will be able to personalize a menu for you. For further information please click here.

Are you also looking to book a top wedding band for your wedding in South Wales?

If you are looking for band that will have an extensive set list that to get the party started and to get your guests up on their feet, then you should definitely consider South Wales’ best band; Perfect Day. They are a specialist wedding band that have been providing entertainment for many years. They are a busy band, so it is worth contacting them for a free quote as soon as you have a date in mind. Please click here for more information.

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