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Why is a wedding so fantastic at Craig Y Nos Castle?

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Situated between Swansea and Brecon, Craig Y Nos Castle is one of the best wedding venues in Wales. The castle itself is set within the wonderful welsh country side with some of the most stunning and captivating views. This castle provides the perfect back drop for you to take you marriage vows as you will be surrounded by history and romance. This castle was built in 1878 so gives the historic feel, yet at the same time there is a newly refurbished conservatory which has a much more contemporary feel. Click here to visit Craig Y Nos’ own website for further details. .

What cover band should I hire for the evening party of my wedding?

Brother Ray Wedding and party band have been the number one choice for many bride and grooms in the last 10 years. They are a set of great musicians who can provide party music all night. There are various different packages that the band offer, and even one of them comes with their own DJ who can play music in-between the bands playing time. Finding trustworthy live wedding music can be a difficult task because there are so many people offering this service. Brother Ray are the most trustworthy, reliable and professional band in south wales so get in touch to see if they are available for your big day. When you book the band they will be able to offer you advice on your musical arrangements for the day. They come fully equipt with a full PA and lighting that they bring along to light the room for their performances.

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We understand that when you want to book a band, you want to hear what they sound like first. That is why Brother Ray have been recording many samples of what they play in a studio. They also post loads of live clips from gigs online so you can see what the atmosphere is like on a live wedding gig!  The band consists of many professional musicians who have played in a variety of shows and bands across the UK. 

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